Have You Tried… Dynamic Blocks

Have You Tried...

“Have You Tried” is a new section we’re introducing in the AutoCAD online help documentation. Our goal is to highlight a feature each month, and then give you some short tasks and exercises to try.

To get to the “Have You Tried” section click here, or press F1 while no command or dialog box is active in the AutoCAD program and click the link on the Help home page.

Have You Tried... Dynamic Blocks

“Re” Introducing Dynamic Blocks

The first feature we’re taking a look at is dynamic blocks. Dynamic blocks can enhance how your existing blocks behave while or after being inserted into a drawing. For example, you can

  • Combine multiple related blocks into a single block
  • Force a block to align with existing geometry in a drawing
  • Perform move, scale, stretch, and other operations on geometry within a block
  • Use multiple insertion points during the initial placement of a block, reducing the need to place and then move a block into place
  • Display lookup tables from which you can choose options that change the size and shape of a block

For some quick things to try, see Have You Tried: Dynamic Blocks.

We’re Listening!

Have You Tried... Dynamic BlocksThe “Have You Tried” page also includes a list of updates we’ve made to the AutoCAD help. These updates are driven by feedback we receive from you. Please keep your feedback coming.

One easy way to give feedback is the “Was this helpful?” section at the bottom of every help topic. Let us know what you like or don’t like about these topics or provide suggestions for other subjects you’d like to see. The more specific your comments, the better!

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